The Patel Law Firm assists Homeowners who have been taken advantage of by a Contractor who did not provide the services promised, who was underqualified, or one that engaged in improper and dishonest conduct.  The Patel Law Firm has successfully assisted clients with the filing of Complaints to Virginia's Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and with making recovery claims against Virginia's Contractor Transaction Recovery Fund for the wrongful conduct of a financially defunct Contractor. 

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Undertaking the construction of a new home or planning to upgrade or expand an existing structure can be stressful for both the Homeowner and the Contractor.  The Patel Law Firm can assist both with navigating the uncertain waters of construction law in the event issues arise.

The Patel Law Firm assists Contractors by drafting construction contracts, sub-contractor agreements and general forms to protect the Contractor from incurring civil liability on a job.  Additionally, The Patel Law Firm assists Contractors in getting payment for services provided  through suits for breach of contract and the perfection of mechanic's liens.